Have you lost your footing?

Are you a woman who lost her footing after big change or loss? I can help you get the ground back under your feet and craft a map to the next phase in your life.

Alice tumbles down the rabbit hole
Trying to Get Your Footing After Major Change or Loss?

Hi. I’m Kristin Halberg. I’ve been a transformational coach and trauma-Informed practitioner for ten years and in the industry for closer to fifteen. I got my “official” start in the industry teaching emotional intelligence, leadership and team building skills to organizations such as Microsoft and Boeing. But even before that, I volunteered for the King County Crisis Line as a crisis phone worker for nearly eight years. 

In 2008, after losing my job with the company I loved when the recession hit, I started my own coaching business.

Nowadays, my focus is on helping women who feel like they’ve lost their footing due to a big loss or change regain their sense of equilibrium and craft a map to the next phase of their life. 

My blend of PRACTICAL science-based tools and the MAGICK that comes from lived experience, imagination, deep listening, somatic [body] practices, nature practices, expressive art, bibliotherapy, ceremonies, rituals and more allows me to QUICKLY get my clients back on their feet and moving towards a life they love.

Do you want to get the ground back under your feet and craft a map to your next phase?