This 9-minute video teaches you the Inner Sanctuary Tool –an easy-to-learn tool that is deceptively simple, but powerfully transformative.

It helps you honor your hard emotions, and nourish and calm your nervous system as life happens, in-the-moment and on-the-fly.

How will that help with your self-doubt?

Well, you know how self-doubt often causes anxiety, and anxiety causes self-doubt?

This tool has the power to cut right through that crap.

Try it if you feel anxious, overwhelmed, at the end of your rope, or simply want a little energetic boost.

For best results, practice regularly: simply drop your awareness into your heart and breathe –a little more deeply than usual– keeping your awareness in your heart.

Continue to breathe this way, awareness in your heart, for five to ten breaths.

Repeated practice starts to change old patterns and build new neural pathways that help you interrupt your old unhelpful response to stress.

​[Recommended practice: repeat 10 – 15 x per day.]

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