I want you to feel welcome. Seen. Heard. Understood. Beautiful. Funny. At ease in your own skin.

I want you to be your Truest Self. Your Sacred Self. Your Magickal Self.

I want you to find Meaning in your Everyday Life. Embrace a life full of Joy and Laughter. A life you BELONG to and LOVE … even when it’s hard and messy.

Welcome to Practical-Magick

Guess what? You don’t have to wait for your prince to come, or your fairy godmother to magick you a dress. You don’t have to wait for the birds to sing along with you, or get lost in the woods and find yourself in an enchanted house where you befriend the beast and discover he’s really a prince. You don’t even have to wait for this pandemic to end.

You can have a life you belong to and love NOW.

I can help you get there.

I’m Intuitive Soul Guide, Kristin Halberg.

I’ve helped hundreds of women between the ages of 18 & 82.

I offer a safe place for you to come and process your life and just be YOU.

Your truest self.

Your sacred self.

Your messy self.

In fact, I know your dirty little secrets.

I know that sometimes you:

  • Pick fights with your partner / siblings / best friend.
  • Yell at your children / pets … even that customer service support person who was trying to help but soooo wasn’t.
  • Don’t answer your phone even when it’s someone you love … not because you’re busy, but just because you don’t feel like talking –to anyone.
  • Screw up at work and blame someone else.
  • Look at your partner / job and wonder how the hell you got here. You used to be different. Happier. More fun!

That you:

  • Drink too much wine, and / or eat the whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting, or have nachos for dinner five nights in a row.
  • Shut out your friends because you feel like a loser in comparison, or because you just can’t stand hearing one more story of their success when you feel like such a failure.
  • Don’t want to burden anyone else with your problems, and feel like you shouldn’t complain. You tell yourself so many people have it worse that for you to complain is ridiculous. Especially right now.
  • Want to walk away from your kids / spouse, buy a leather jacket and a motorcycle, and head out on an epic adventure, leaving all your worries and trials behind.
  • Or take your dog[s], and go live in a cabin in the woods far far away from anyone. Or anything.

You feel:

woman feeling overwhelmed & unwelcome in her own skin
These feelings are all part of the human condition, often complicated by beliefs you’ve carried since you were very young.
  • Burned out. Apathetic.
  • Filled with self-doubt.
  • Unworthy.
  • Unappreciated.
  • Mistreated.
  • Overwhelmed, and so exhausted you could cry.

You might even feel shame –hidden away deeply inside.

Well, guess what? You’re HUMAN.

And all of that is okay.

But maybe you’d like to talk to someone.

To be Seen. Witnessed. Heard.

To learn tools to manage your anxiety. Your grief. Your overwhelm. Your worry.

Even, maybe, your shame.

You’d like to feel whole again. And belong somewhere.

To have Purpose. Meaning. Hope. Joy.

You’d like to believe in yourself again. Feel welcome in your own skin. Connect with your truest, most sacred and magickal self.

Reconnect with your soul. This is the part of you that helps you feel ALIVE even when life is hard and messy and stressful and filled with grief and pain.

I can help.

I call what I do Practical-Magick: a blend of science mixed with lived experience, imagination, deep listening, somatic [body] practices, nature practices, as well as ceremonies and rituals that support your transformational journey.

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