For Women in their Middle Years

Are you a woman 40+ who is drowning in emotions and has lost your footing due to a big change or loss?

Happiness has become the new mecca for modern day women; and any time your life isn’t “sunshine and rainbows” you end up feeling “less than”, and alone. And nobody talks about what it feels like to be going through big change and feel like you’re lost and forsaken in the middle of a big sea.

You’re fed up with the barrage of personal growth programs and magazine articles that leave you feeling even more like a failure or that you’re just “not good enough.” 

Yet … there’s still a big gap between where you feel you “should” be at this stage of your life and where you actually are. You’re beating yourself up for not “having it all together” and comparing your insides to everyone else’s outsides. And you’re deeply disappointed that following society’s “rules for women” didn’t get you the life you thought you’d have.

Perhaps you try all those programs anyway –underneath that cynical front, you’re nothing if not an idealist, and hope is your constant companion- but at the end you still feel empty, unfulfilled, let down, frustrated and even more alone.

self-improvement or happily ever after?
“Once upon a Time … And she lived happily ever after …”

When you were a kid, you honestly thought all you needed to do was find your “one true love” to live “Happily Ever After.” That’s what all the fairy tales said. The heroine got married, was whisked away with her handsome prince and that was it. Lifelong bliss. 

Apparently, they never argued about whose turn it was to take the garbage out, do the dishes, pick up the milk or use the car. The prince didn’t keep her awake with his snoring, or forget to pick up the ONE thing she texted him about on his way home. And perhaps that princess never had children. Because they didn’t fight over how to deal with the kids’ behavior, and she didn’t find herself longing for a room –or a home– of her own.

And she certainly wasn’t a single mom, raising her kids alone.

Plus, that princess never had back-talking teenagers, and for sure never had to go through “losing” her kids to young adulthood. Because the bereftness and loss of purpose you feel from your “empty nest” is as significant as anyone in the work-force who was made “redundant” to their company. To add insult to injury, your kids barely call you to check in, and when you do get to see or talk to them, it feels like either you’re always doing everything wrong or they can’t wait to get back to their “other” life –the one you’re not a part of.

Or maybe you believed that happily ever after would never come from a man, but you thought you could get there through an amazing career. You got the message that if you were likable, credible and smart, a good team player, sacrificed for the company and worked hard to “save-the-day” you’d be rewarded with the dream job, the corner office, and the big salary.

But you couldn’t have known that the “old world” would shift from your analog childhood through the dot com boom and on again to the digital world we live in today. You didn’t realize you’d experience three recessions, that the “good old boys club” and stubborn, status-quo gender norms would make it so hard for you to break through the glass ceiling without playing “the game.”

And you certainly didn’t expect you’d be the caregiver for your aging parents this soon. So you’re juggling the responsibility of parent-care with the guilt that it’s never enough.

self improvement overload
Are you afraid you missed your chance?

You’re afraid of becoming increasingly devalued as you continue to age, and scared that you’ve missed your chance for a life of purpose and fulfillment. 

Even though you barely have time for the things on your plate already!!

“Take time for yourself,” the women’s magazines say. “Practice self-care.”

What they mean is that once a week you should take an hour for a mani/pedi, a massage or an exercise class. What you hear is that you should pay someone to help you look less old and tired and get rid of that menopause belly. Which just makes you feel worse about yourself.

You wish you could wave a magick wand and miraculously conjure up your “happily-ever-after” –if you even knew for sure what that was. You lost sight of your soul-goals decades ago when you traded your freedom for safety & security and the status-quo.

And anyway, truthfully, although you half-believe in fairy tale endings for other people, you stopped believing they were for you. You made too many mistakes and experienced too much heartbreak in your life to ever be the princess in all those make-believe stories with their happily-ever-after endings. 

You’re afraid if people knew the “real you” –with all her insecurities, sorrows and secrets– your lifetime attempts at belonging would be for nothing. And you’d be all alone.

Well guess what? I know your dirty little secrets.

I know that when left to your own devices you:

Self Improvement Bridget Jones style
From Bridget Jones’ Diary
  • Eat the whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting and have nachos for dinner five nights in a row.
  • Drink “too much” alcohol to unwind after a long day.
  • Wind up on the couch with a bowl of cocoa puffs after work instead of making it to the gym you paid for –again!

I know that you:

  • Often long for the “good old days” with your friends –when nobody had kids, and your weekends were all for you.
  • Are an idealist who despairs at the injustice of the world, but feels too overwhelmed, anxious and hopeless to take more than what feels like ineffectual tiny actions for positive change.
  • Want to do more with your life, but you’re afraid if you let go of the life you know now you’ll wind up as a bag lady, and dying alone.

You are drowning in emotions:

woman feeling overwhelmed & unwelcome in her own skin
You feel scared, anxious, nervous … maybe even deeply seated shame.
  • Anger.
  • Anxiety.
  • Grief
  • Unworthiness.
  • Fear.
  • Overwhelm.

 And maybe even some deeply seated shame.

Apathetic. Unappreciated. Alone.

Well, guess what? You’re HUMAN.

And all of that is okay.

And you know what else?

Unlock Your Happily Ever After
Unlock Your Sacred Soul!

You don’t have to wait for your prince to come, or your fairy godmother to magick you a dress. You don’t have to wait for the birds to sing along with you, or get lost in the woods and find yourself in an enchanted house where you befriend the beast and discover he’s really a prince. You don’t even have to wait for the glass ceiling to break, or this pandemic to end or to have a month to yourself to unwind. You don’t have to change your look or color your hair or spend massive money on spa treatments. You don’t even have to find more than a few minutes to spare each day.

You can have a life you belong to and love NOW.

I can help you get there.

I’m Intuitive Soul Guide, Kristin Halberg.

I help women in their middle years who are struggling to get ground back under their feet after a major loss or change or feeling disillusioned with their lives, and looking with dread at the years ahead close the gap between where they think they “should” be, where they are now, and the life they want … a life that is fulfilling and filled with joy –at least more days than not!

I want you to spring out of bed in the morning with passion as you face the day ahead. To smile at yourself in the mirror…..

But on the days when your sorrows outweigh your joy, I still want you to feel ALIVE.

I want you to learn to be with your grief like you would with your wounded child.

Whether that means you push the snooze button and pull the covers back over your head, and cancel all your meetings for the day, or give yourself permission to scream or binge watch your favorite show. You forgive yourself for your imperfectly beautiful flaws, and allow yourself to be exactly who you are.

I want you to feel Seen. Heard. Understood. Beautiful. Funny. At ease in your own skin.

I want to help you find Beauty, Joy and Meaning in your Everyday Life, even on your busiest –and saddest–days.

I want you to Embrace a life full of Joy and Laughter.

A life you BELONG to and LOVE … even when it’s hard and messy.

And just how, you’re wondering (maybe even with a snarky little undertone) can you possibly do that?

What if it was possible to have a “Happily-Even-After” after all?

One that took into consideration time and sorrow, and the complexities of being a woman in the world today…

Join me for my three-month on-line group coaching program, learn my science-backed three-part “Magick Formula,” and craft your “Happily-Even-After” even when life is chaotic and messy and sad.

Unlock Your Sacred Soul

Part One: Nourish Your Nervous System

Happily Ever After Begins Here
Happily Ever After Begins Here

I know that doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s necessary! I teach you scientifically proven tools to honor your anxiety. Your grief. Your overwhelm. Even, maybe, your shame. Have you ever heard the phrase: “that which you resist, persists?” Acknowledging and honoring these parts of you actually gives you the means to nourish your nervous system … naturally … which allows you to interrupt old patterns and rewire your brain. You will learn to stay present in your resourceful, resilient and amazingly gifted adult self when hard emotions arise, and get tools to nurture your wounded inner child.

Part Two: Brave Belonging

Reveals the myths of happiness, the “Good Girl” myths that run most of us even though we don’t even know it, and your most common self-defeating beliefs. You will uncover your unique core gift, keys to your happiness, and develop a practice that works for you as a ballast to a well-lived, well-loved life … without starting over or running off with the UPS Delivery Man.

Part Three: Sculpt Your Soul Goals

Begins the journey to unveil your Soul Goals

What are Soul Goals?

Soul Goals(R) are different from SMART Goals –the common methodology for goal setting– that are often formed around your “shoulds” and “musturbations.”

Soul Goals are different from SMART goals –the common methodology for goal setting– that are often formed around your “shoulds” and “musturbations.”

Kristin Halberg

Instead, Soul Goals are aligned with your sacred gifts and your sacred desires.

They lead you to find the beauty, joy and meaning in your everyday life. To hold your grief and other difficult emotions softly and warmly. To define your OWN version of success –instead of the one you inherited from your parents or picked up from society.

Soul Goals lead you to a life full of Joy and Laughter. And Purpose. To a place where you feel welcome in your own skin. And whole. They will lead you to a life you BELONG to and LOVE … even when it’s hard and messy.

And that is what will make up your “Happily Even After.”

A Happily Even After that is based on who you are BEING on the inside rather than things you attain on the outside.


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