I call what I do “Practical-Magick”

When I talk about Magick, it’s not the “pull a bunny out of a hat” kind of magic that is full of tricks and illusions. Or the magic of spells that might further your own will and intentions. 

I’m referring to the “feel a shiver of excitement, get a sense of awe & wonder” type of Magick of nature that we all experience at some point in our lives. And the Magick of moving closer to your true calling: what I call the truest, most sacred and magickal version of yourself. Or in shorthand: your Soul.

Practical-Magick blends science with lived experience, imagination, deep listening, somatic [body] practices, nature practices, ceremonies, and rituals that will support you along the way.

It’s grounded in neuro-physiology, feminine psychobiology, psychology, anatomy, and physiology. Studies about the brain fascinate me, and I’ve studied with the masters.

Yet I also believe that myths and archetypes can help us understand things that science can’t yet explain and the expressive arts help us access parts of us that can’t be shared in words.

And when deep transformation happens, especially when it aligns us with our soul, there is no other word for it. It simply feels like Magick.

What is Practical-Magick?
I am an opti-mystic — who sees the world through the eyes of possibility– grounded in both science and imagination.


praktək(ə)l/ adjective

“Likely to succeed or be effective in real circumstances.”


ˈmajik/ noun

“The art & science of co-creating alignment with soul through action, ritual & imagination.”

How do I help you?

In our work together, we start where you are … typically when my clients first meet me, they are feeling upended, distressed, and alone … and in my 1:1 work, we then go where our souls direct us.

I can help you:

  • Find joy & meaning in the midst of your sometimes messy, imperfectly beautiful life.
  • Harness & empower your emotions so they’re working with you and not against you.
  • Clarify and reclarify your ideal life, and map out the next steps along your journey.
  • Ground deeply into your inner wisdom so you’re not pulled off into the world of rules and “shoulds.”
  • Deeply understand and transform the myths, doubts, fears, and blocks holding you back.
  • Believe in, get to know, and become, your truest, most sacred, most magickal self.

Still with me? Intrigued? Here’s what’s next.