Welcome to Practical-Magick! Your Safe Place to Get Calm, Confident and Clear on your Next Steps When You’re Going through Big Change.

Identity-shaking life changes can leave you feeling exposed and alone in your struggles … even if you’re surrounded by supportive friends.

Like Gloria said in The Barbie Movie:

“It’s nearly impossible to be a woman.”

[Cue the Gloria Monologue, with all those double binds and double standards.]

And that’s under NORMAL circumstances.

On top of that, we live in a world that pitches gloom and doom at us from all directions, all the time, and profits from our collective anxiety.

When you add your identity-shaking change onto all of that … 

(Divorce. Illness. Empty Nest. Caring for Aging Parents. Relationship Struggles. Loss. Crises of Faith. Soul-Shaking Revelations. And more.)

collage of images that can lead to existential crisis or dark night of the soul created by Life Coach and Intuitive Soul Guide Kristin Halberg.

Is it any wonder you’re:

🪄 lounging in sweatpants and binge-watching funny dog reels on Instagram

🪄 spooning in mouthfuls of Ben & Jerry’s or copious amounts of wine right out of the carton

🪄wishing you had Jennifer Lawrence’s wit and unwavering confidence so you could stop feeling so exposed and alone in your struggle

I see you.

You’ve built your life around being easy to get along with.

You’re selfless, and helpful.

Your reputation is book-ended on performing under pressure and toeing the line (particularly when others depend on your results.)

You hide your vulnerable bits under your general competence, a thick armor of humor, and always being there for everyone else.

And you feel like you should be able to handle this yourself, too.

But right now, you’re drowning.

Well, keep the faith … no heroine starts her journey with all the tools she needs. Her supportive guide comes through for her when she needs it most.

Even Stereotypical Barbie had support.

You can too.

These women say working with me changed their LIFE:

If you’re faking smiles and assuring folks you’re fine


  • smothering your anxiety and denying your despair by scrolling socials and binge-watching Bridgerton until your eyes glaze over … or volunteering for every single committee in your social circle
  • questioning the point of everything, comparing your life to JLaw’s, and wondering how in the world you ended up here
  • second-guessing every single choice you ever made, caught up in analysis paralysis so bad you’re busted holding the freezer door open for hours in the ice cream aisle
  • asking yourself the proverbial questions, “who AM I?” and “why am I here?
  • all while giving time the side-eye, knowing the only thing slowing down is your metabolism, and panicking that you’ll die penniless and alone (even if you don’t really believe this …)

I can help you Feel Safe in Your Skin again, and Get Calm, Confident and Clear on your next steps…

without joining an Ashram, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, or overthrowing the patriarchy.

[Although it’s a shame that last example isn’t that simple …]

Hi. I’m Kristin

Trauma-informed Holistic Practitioner. Intuitive Soul Guide.

Crucible Coach. Meantime Mentor.
Practical-Magick Emissary.
Playful Priestess. Fur Mama. Rebel Witch. Activist.
Storyteller. Book lover. Tree Hugger.
And the survivor of more than one life-shaking change.

My personal journeys through grief, despair, trauma and loss, plus a decade of experience guiding other women revealed that –just like all the heroines in your favorite stories– leaning into this “Meantime” can build your courage and grow your confidence, and your right next steps always show up when you need them.

But it sucks to go through this hard stuff alone.

That’s where I come in.

I’m here to …

🪄 guide you to get calm and align with the most capable version of yourself … even when life is throwing you curveballs.

🪄 help you clear out those layers of self-doubt you didn’t even realize are wired into your neural pathways and held clear down in your bones.

🪄 support you to lean into all the parts of yourself.

🪄 hold space for the mystery while the next steps show upand help you find the threads so you don’t have to start over from scratch.

🪄 believe in all that is you and shine my warrior light on your path until the raging river lets go of its grip and you start to love yourself clear down to your bones.

Note: External Results may vary, but working with me often leads to:

🪄 Deeper Sense of Belonging
🪄Fulfilling and Meaningful Life
🪄Increased Abundance
🪄 Overall well-being
🪄Stronger sense of peace and joy

More Client Love:

Looking for an experienced guide to help you get your sense of safety back and redefine what it means for YOU to live a rich, successful, and fulfilling life??

We’ll blend like peanut butter and dark chocolate if you:

Get intrigued by concepts that blend neuroscience, physiology, and psychology with the magick tools of transformation.

Are willing to slow down and go deep if that’s what it takes to gain personal growth, new insights, and a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world.

Want a guide with both wisdom and humor who believes you are whole and complete exactly as you are, and will hold space for you to believe that too.

Pride yourself on your strong sense of curiosity and an openness to learn.

Believe that life should be both fun and meaningful, that all humans deserve to be treated equally, fairly, and with dignity, and your idea of real success includes a kinder and more sustainable world.

Know it’s time to unlearn the “good girl protocols” society drilled into your head, and live a life of meaning and purpose that you’ll love well into your elder years.

How I Help Women Struggling with Identity-Shaking Change Get Calm, Confident and Clear on their Next Steps

Individual Support

🪄 Embark on a transformative adventure with an experienced guide to help you reclaim your sense of safety and confidence and step into the most capable version of yourself.

Group Support

🪄 Nourish your spirit and connect with a like-minded community on a shared adventure of personal transformation. Unleash your potential, cultivate resilience, and ignite your inner spark in a supportive and nurturing environment.

D-I-Y Mini Makeovers

🪄 Not everyone has the time to go all out on support. These hand-selected mini-courses are a perfect way to nourish your spirit in smaller bites..

More client love:

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