My Qualifications

My education, training and certifications include:

· Nature based practitioner

· Expressive Arts Practitioner

· Self-Belief Coach

· Sacred Depths Practitioner

· HeartMath Trauma –Informed Practitioner

· Mindfulness & “Joy in Presence” Teacher

· Emotional Intelligence Teacher

· Crisis Intervention Specialist

· Executive Master’s in Leadership, Social Responsibility and Business Administration from Seattle University

· BA in Literature & Creative Writing from the University of Washington

More about me:

I have over ten years of coaching, leadership consulting, team building and crisis intervention experience and 20+ years of multi-industry and multi-division business leadership in startups, non-profits and established companies.

I spent my formulative years immersed in nature. First in our small backyard garden in CA, and then —from the age of six— along the shores of Lake Crescent inside Olympic National Park. My life was shaped by the sight, sound, touch, smell and taste of woods, mountains and water —and the critters who made those places their home.

I wrote my first story at the age of six, and fell in love with fiction and all the expressive arts.  I grew up on fairy tales —Swedish, Grimm’s, & Irish alongside Disney— & earned my undergrad degree in creative writing. The myths,  archetypes and constructs of story —particularly the heroine’s journey— deepen my work and my life.

As an adult, I became fascinated with neuroscience, and the psychosocial, physiological and spiritual impact of emotions, soul craft & nature on Post-traumatic growth, transformation, and belonging. I blend these tools and other eclectic interests to help my clients get lasting results.

“We can’t only work on mindset while the world is burning.”

–Joanna Lindenbaum, Founder of applied Depths institute

I believe we need generative tools to reawaken our souls, & collectively recreate the possibility of wholeness —for ourselves and for the world.