Kristin Halberg

Hi. I’m Kristin Halberg. I am an Intuitive Soul Guide. Sacred Depths Practitioner. Self-Belief Coach. Writer. Creative. Science-Geek. Fur-Mama. And Auntie of 14 magnificent souls between the ages of 5 & 21.

I live with my partner and our fur-babies in a Finnish Log Home, built by his great-great-grandfather in the early 1900’s. In the 1990’s, his grandmother disassembled the home –like lincoln logs– then moved and reassembled it on the property that belonged to the other side of her family.

I grew up nearby, on Lake Crescent, inside Olympic National Park. Nature became my “other mother” and her influence is strong in my life and in my work.

Who are my clients?

If you’re anything like me, you built your life around being easy to get along with. You are selfless, and helpful. Sometimes you’re a “good girl” and follow the rules, while other times you’re totally that bad-ass rebel. Your reputation is book-ended on performing under pressure and managing on a shoestring. You hide your vulnerable bits under thick armor, and have a tendency to demand high-standards … at least of yourself but possibly of others as well.

For a long time these strategies worked. You were liked. Respected. You built a career. Or a home. Maybe even both. You were happy. Content at least. BUSY!!!

But one day, something happened.

Kristin Halberg on Hurricane Ridge
Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Maybe it came in the form of a disruption –small or large.

Divorce. A lay-off.

Death of a loved one.

Health issues. An injury. A pandemic.

Or maybe a promotion. Kids. Marriage. Transitions.

Or maybe it came in the form of a small whisper of restlessness.

A call to adventure. Or a deep need for more meaning and purpose.

Either way, you can’t go back. You must go forward. But you aren’t sure how.

That’s where I come in.

I’m a master in the art, science & Magick of transformation, and I’ve helped hundreds of women between 18 & 82 navigate change. I’ve been coaching for over ten years, and many of my clients still call me up when life throws them a curve ball and they want support navigating change.

My passion is to help you rediscover the beauty, joy and meaning in your everyday life.

To define your own version of success (one that isn’t bound up in the expectations of others), ground deeply into your inner wisdom (so that you aren’t losing your Voice and your Truth under the pressure of societal constructs) and become your truest, most sacred & magickal self … in the midst of your sometimes stressful, messy, and imperfectly beautiful life.

I know that when you’re in the middle of all that stress and messiness, rediscovering beauty, joy and meaning is not the highest thing on your priority list.

You just want to get through it. Ideally with your courage, grace and humor intact.

I’m no stranger to that need. Let me tell you about the past five years.

My Story – The Past Five Years

Life IS hard and messy sometimes. Filled with stress and anxiety.

Allow me to share my story…

Between mid-December of 2016 & June of 2018, my partner and I lost five loved ones between us.

If you’ve ever been through this, you know how hard it is to hold sacred space for a grieving partner while also grieving yourself

Josh and Denise, December 2016

Then, in January 2019, my partner’s brother was tragically killed in a crabbing accident, along with the other crew members, when their crab boat ran into the bar in a storm as they were on their way in to the harbor in Newport, OR.

Denise, his brother’s wife, called me as the accident was happening, while she was there in the dark, waiting for the boat to come back to the dock.

Josh called her to say he was scared and wanted her to be there when he came in. I stayed on the phone with her as she witnessed the coast guard helicopter try [and try and try] to make the rescue. But nobody survived.

My partner and I are both self-employed. We found it hard to find the energy to bring in new clients that year, especially on top of the other losses we’d experienced over the prior two years. Of course that meant financial struggles.

Plus, given my line of work, I felt like a fraud.

“Who are you to say you HELP people?” my inner critic roared. “Can you even BEGIN to comfort Denise? Or keep Justin from being so angry? … And how helpful can YOU be while you’re binging on Netflix and tuning out the world?”

I tried to rally. In fact, I landed a few clients. But my heart wasn’t in it. I went through the motions, but I wasn’t at my best.

I was irritated. Judgmental. Of myself mostly, but even of my clients. That they weren’t doing the work. That they expected me to save them, not guide them. Not a great space to coach from, I know.

I didn’t realize how bad off I was –how much I’d lost access to my SOUL– until two of my nephews graduated that June.

While listening to one of their classmates give a very encouraging and optimistic speech, I found myself muttering under my breath, “yeah. Just wait 15 or 20 years. A third of you will be drug addicts, a bunch more will be miserable, and even the most successful among you will have given up your dreams.”

Kristin Halberg, Life is a balancing act.
Life is a balancing act.

This from the mouth of someone who had always been the “paragon of hope.” The “opti-mystic.” Cheerful. Full of joy. Delighting in small things.

An Artist of Being Alive.

I set to work trying to restore my faith, using my own tools, and adding self-compassion, shadow work, a deeper understanding of the grief process, and other transformational tools to my repertoire of knowledge.

Plus, I gave myself permission to binge as much of the Marvel and DC comics world as I needed. After all, the good guys usually win, and there are great role models for love, hope, courage, and perseverance.

Just when I was climbing back out of the abyss, the pandemic hit.


In 2020, on top of pandemic craziness, and BLM, and all the other unrest in the world:

  • In April, our new puppy impaled himself on an 8″ stick [he’s okay now.]
  • In May, my partner’s commercial fishing boat, which was moored in Newport, OR where his brother last used it, was broken into by addicts. They tore out pieces of the engine room, cut wires, tore strips of plywood from the wall, and more. We had to travel in the early days of the quarantine to start the repairs.
  • At the end of May, we were rear-ended leaving a parking lot which totaled my car and screwed up my shoulder.
  • In June, and through July, my mom almost died TWICE from an extremely rare autoimmune disease that came out of nowhere.
  • The day after we got home from our second long hospital stay of the summer, there was a wildfire only a 1/2 mile from our family home on Lake Crescent!
  • The Fall kept me busy catching up on all the things I neglected, and traveling back and forth to Newport, OR to help with the continued repairs on Justin’s boat that we put on hold over the summer. Plus my youngest brother was single dadding it, and came up to the lake to get support from all of us while he juggled teaching on-line with caring for his five kids –including three under five!
  • In December, I had surgery on my shoulder, and discovered as I was healing that the damage from the accident was worse than expected. In addition to the four different tears in my rotator cuff, my elbow and wrist were badly jammed.

In 2021, despite my frustration that my shoulder wasn’t healing, I gave myself permission to continue my sabbatical, and place all my energy onto my own healing.

The Truth about Energy

I tell you all that to let you know that I’m not one of those Law of Attraction “change your energy and nothing bad will ever happen to you” coaches. Sometimes life just sends you shit. (Excuse my language.) Having good energy won’t prevent life from doing its thing.

But …

  • Aside from the few months the first half of 2019 when I chose not to use them, my tools kept me grounded and sane.
  • I learned to treat myself with self-compassion.
  • And reclaimed my energy of hope, optimism, joy, love, and kindness.

When life flings unasked for adventures at you, it’s good to have more than just a hammer and a screwdriver in your toolbox.

And good energy is a very important tool.

Good energy helps you get through hard things.

Hafiz poetry, the astonishing light of your own being,

It impacts how you show up to everything in your life.

It impacts how others receive you.

So quit the shame.

Quit the blame.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into a pit of despair.

Learn to turn towards your discomfort and acknowledge it.

Tap into your superpowers: mindfulness, imagination, intuition, compassion and kindness. Turn those towards yourself as well.

And use them to grow into the life you desire.

I can help.

My promise …

is to use my eclectic experience, the full force of my positive energy, my ever-expanding knowledge and my intuitive wisdom to create a safe container for all your parts and pieces as you transform the draining energy keeping you stuck, and reclaim the beauty, joy and meaning in your everyday life. To support you as you define your own version of success. And to hold sacred space as you ground deeply in to your soul’s wisdom, so you can become the truest, most sacred and magickal version of yourself even in the midst of your stressful, messy, and imperfectly beautiful life.

Are you ready to work with me?

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Further Qualifications

Kristin Halberg is a master in the art, science, and magick of transformation with advanced and on-going studies in sacred depths, self-belief, trauma-informed coaching, the neuro-physiology of emotion, expressive arts, eco-practices, and the archetypes, myths & constructs of the heroine’s journey.

She has over fifteen years of coaching, leadership consulting, team building and crisis intervention experience, and 20+ years of multi-industry and multi-division business leadership experience.


Her education, training, and certifications include:

  • Trauma-informed coach
  • Self-Belief Coach
  • Sacred Depths Practitioner
  • HeartMath Trauma-informed Practitioner
  • Mindfulness Teacher
  • Emotional Intelligence Specialist
  • Crisis Intervention Specialist
  • Certified Expressive Arts Practitioner
  • Executive-Masters in Leadership, Social Responsibility & Business Administration, Seattle University
  • BA in Literature & Creative Writing, University of Washington