I believe  in a world where everyone can live into their fullest potential, our planet is vibrant and teeming with life, and our marketplace values the well-being of people and all living things on our planet over financial gain and monetary wealth.

My mission – to leave the world a little better than I found it.

To laugh often & much.

To earn the respect of intelligent & compassionate people and the affection of children & animals.

To honor Earth and fall more deeply in love with the beauty in both her ordinary & extraordinary moments.

To live into all of life’s adventures –those I choose, and those life flings at me– with courage, grace, humor, and my whole heart.

To play whenever possible and nurture my inner magickal child.

To remember (& teach) that every choice I make –especially those around how I spend my time and money– is an act of power that determines my future and impacts the world.

To use my eclectic experience, my innate courage, my compassion & humor, my intuitive wisdom, my gift of harmony, my Voice, my joie de vivre, my unconventional choices, and my ever-expanding knowledge of:

  • The art, science & Magick of transformation
  • Trauma-informed coaching practices
  • The myths, archetypes & constructs of the heroine’s journey

in order to guide & inspire women to find beauty joy & meaning in their everyday life, define their own version of success, and ground deeply into their inner wisdom, so they can live into their truest, most sacred, and magickal selves in the midst of of their sometimes stressful and messy, imperfectly beautiful lives.